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RE-1801 Stereo Receiver thumbnail image
Sears RE-1801 MW/FM Stereo Receiver for Sale. Made in Korea by Foster Electronics for Sears Roebu...
Ad Id:40153082
Renewed:September 21, 2023
6-inch subwoofer ~ Panasonic LOAA17A00003 thumbnail image
Panasonic LOAA17A00003 6-inch subwoofer driver for sale. This driver came from an older Panasonic...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:39432913
Renewed:September 19, 2023
Klipsch Icon VS-14 Speakers thumbnail image
Klipsch Icon VS-14 Speakers for Sale. Great sounding surround speakers with Klipsch's Wide Disper...
Ad Id:39717977
Renewed:September 19, 2023
Wharfedale W70 Speakers thumbnail image
One pair of classic Wharfedale W70 speakers for sale. Made in England in the early 1960’s with a ...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:39400600
Renewed:September 16, 2023
Subwoofer ~ Jamo A 101 SUB ~ Wall Mount thumbnail image
Jamo “A 101 SUB” compact subwoofer for sale. This versatile unit can be wall-mounted or sit on th...
Ad Id:39712890
Renewed:September 16, 2023
Subwoofer ~ KLH KSUB-10 thumbnail image
KLH KSUB-10 active subwoofer for sale. This 10-inch HD sub will rock your house with its 30Hz ~ 1...
Ad Id:39943265
Renewed:September 15, 2023
JVC R-2X Synthesizer Receiver w/ Phono Stage thumbnail image
JVC R-2X Synthesizer Stereo AM/FM Receiver for Sale. Made in Japan in the early 1980’s with quali...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:39578299
Renewed:September 13, 2023
Indoor/Outdoor Speakers thumbnail image
Hauffman 8Ω indoor/outdoor speakers for sale. This package includes one centre channel speaker an...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:39576587
Renewed:September 12, 2023
Wireless Home Audio System ~ Sony thumbnail image
Sony AIR-SA20PK Wireless Home Audio System for Sale. The package comes with one base-station plus...
Ad Id:37153868
Renewed:September 2, 2023
Subwoofer Speaker ~ JVC LE10016-063A thumbnail image
One 16cm (6.3") JVC LE10016-063A Subwoofer Speaker for Sale. This long-throw driver is common on ...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:35212929
Renewed:August 31, 2023
6 x 9 Speakers ~ Shaker 4-way thumbnail image
Shaker 6” x 9” Speaker System for Sale. These 4-way speakers deliver serious punch and clarity. T...
Ad Id:40228456
Renewed:August 29, 2023
Subwoofer ~ Sony Xplōd 10-inch thumbnail image
10-inch Sony Xplōd XS-L103P5B subwoofer for sale. Used, but in good working condition. Below is i...
Ad Id:38998019
Renewed:August 28, 2023
5-inch 4Ω Full Range Speakers ~ MD-888 thumbnail image
Two "Super Sound" MD-888 5-inch 4Ω Drivers for Sale. I believe they're made by Titan with a seale...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:29202400
Renewed:August 28, 2023
Tuner ~ Sony ST-JX401 thumbnail image
Vintage Sony ST-JX401 Digital Synthesizer FM/MW Stereo Tuner for Sale Listening to music, catc...
Ad Id:38996538
Renewed:August 28, 2023
Acoustic Monitor db IV Speakers thumbnail image
Acoustic Monitor db IV home stereo speakers for sale. Three-way design with a 12” woofer in a bas...
Ad Id:39411912
Renewed:August 24, 2023
TOA A-724 Commercial Integrated Mixer and 240W Amplifier thumbnail image
TOA A-724 Commercial Integrated Mixer and 240W Amplifier for Sale. Nine channel integrated mixer/...
Ad Id:40222545
Posted:July 26, 2023
Onkyo HT-RC550 4 K receiver thumbnail image
Mint condition home theater receiver. Powerful and quality sound with 4K pass thru. Inclu...
Ad Id:40215205
Posted:July 22, 2023
Acoustech Labs 2-way Speaker’s c/w Stands thumbnail image
Two Acoustech Labs SA6.4 8Ω bass reflex two-way bookshelf speakers for sale. Made back in Vancouv...
Ad Id:38993729
Renewed:July 21, 2023
12” Subwoofer ~ JL Audio  12W0-4 thumbnail image
JL Audio 12W0-4 Subwoofer for Sale. 12-inch (300 mm) driver with a 1.38" dia. Kapton voice coil t...
Ad Id:40036324
Renewed:July 19, 2023
Bogen ANS-500 Ambient Noise Senor Control Unit thumbnail image
Bogen ANS-500 Ambient Noise Senor Control Unit for sale. Four identical units to choose from. Use...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:33146126
Renewed:July 18, 2023
Vintage Tube AM Tuner ~ Seabreeze thumbnail image
Seabreeze Model SB-1000 AM Tuner (circa late 50's) This "High Fidelity" AM tuner was intended ...
Yellowhead County
Ad Id:22599736
Renewed:July 17, 2023
Center Channel ~ Pioneer thumbnail image
Pioneer S-H052C-K two-way center channel speaker for sale. Nice sounding centre channel speaker f...
Ad Id:39595296
Renewed:June 27, 2023
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