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$975 · Wharfedale W70 Speakers

One pair of classic Wharfedale W70 speakers for sale. Made in England in the early 1960’s with a large 12½” alnico woofer, 10” midrange, and the legendary “Super 3” tweeter. The Teak veneer cabinetry is “sand-filled”, which was state-of-the-art 50 years ago (while great for vibration damping, it pushed the net weight of each speaker to over 50 pounds!). Opening the rear 1-inch plywood panel of these speakers was like peering into a time capsule. All the componentry work as they should; the potentiometers were clean of oxide, the Huntz 4μF electrolytic capacitors are within their tolerances and the air-core inductors look impressive. The Wharfedale proprietary HD woofer has a massive (9½ lb) alnico magnet that produces over 12000 gausses. while the midrange has an equally impressive 8 lb alnico magnet. Used, but in good working condition. Below is info from the manufacture… Achromatic W70 versatile three-way speaker system. Exclusive Sand-Filled Enclosure. The W70 incorporates the finest components for multiple speaker systems. The 12½" woofer employs a massive (9½ lb.) magnet assembly on a heavy cast aluminum chassis. The 2" pole piece and magnet keeper plates of finest grain-oriented, high permeability Sheffield steel, insure maximum gap flux density with minimum heat loss, as well as exceptional power and transient handling ability. Low natural resonance, high but well controlled compliance, and long axial excursion add to the thrilling bass response capabilities of this acoustic suspension system. An acoustically isolated 5" unit handles the upper midrange, while Wharfedale's advance-design Super 3 tweeter contributes pure, wide-angle treble. Specifications: • Frequency Response: 25 ~ 20,000 Hz • Cabinetry: Acoustic suspension • Damping: Sand-filled construction LCR 4-section • Input Power Min: 8 watts (IHF, per channel) • Input Power Max: 40 watts (IHF, per channel) • System Impedance: 4 to 8 ohms • Treble Acoustic Control: Continuously variable • Low-range crossover point: 175 Hz • Midrange crossover point: 1250 Hz • Woofer: 12½" double diaphragm • Midrange: 10" upper bass/lower • Tweeter: 3" Omnidirectional Super 3 • Dimensions (W x H x D): 21" x 24" x 12½" • Weight: 52 lbs. each

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February 15, 2022
May 17, 2023
August 15, 2023
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