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All categories Calgary Area
Edgemont (148)
Acoustic Monitor db IV Speakers thumbnail image
Acoustic Monitor db IV home stereo speakers for sale. Three-way design with a 12” woofer in a bass-reflex cabinet. There are variable potentiometers f...
Ad Id:39411912
Posted:February 23, 2022
Head BYS ~ 24.5 Mondopoin thumbnail image
Head BYS Ski Boots for Sale. 24.5 mondo-point sizing with a 104mm last-width and a 70 flex-rating. Used, but in good condition. Below is info from the...
Ad Id:39858579
Posted:December 15, 2022
Ladybird Decorative Border thumbnail image
Ladybird Decorative Border Di Lewis for Kids collection decorative wallpaper border. Made by Borden Home Wallcoverings USA. Three unopened 15 foot ...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:8336379
Posted:February 26, 2009
5-inch 4Ω Full Range Speakers ~ MD-888 thumbnail image
Two "Super Sound" MD-888 5-inch 4Ω Drivers for Sale. I believe they're made by Titan with a sealed back, thus eliminating the need for a sub-enclosure...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:29202400
Posted:April 12, 2017
Hammock thumbnail image
Rope Hammock w/ Spreader Bar for Sale. Handmade in the Philippines with natural Abaca (Manila Hemp) Fiber. Measures approximately 36” wide by 148” lon...
Ad Id:40170826
Posted:July 1, 2023
Reel Mower ~ American Lawn Mower 1204-14 thumbnail image
American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Deluxe Hand Reel Mower for Sale. This 4-Blade 14-inch-wide reel lawnmower is an easy-to-use mechanical lawn mower that...
Ad Id:40189678
Posted:July 10, 2023
Markel Electric Heetaire Wall Heater thumbnail image
Vintage Markel Electric Heetaire wall heater for sale. Made in Canada in the 1950’s with a wonderful Art Deco mid-century design. The body is made fro...
Ad Id:39432056
Posted:March 9, 2022
Ski Poles ~ Scott Response 106cm thumbnail image
Scott Response Ski Poles for Sale. 42-inches (106cm) in length with ergonomic grips. These Junior poles incorporate the same “technical aluminum” shaf...
Ad Id:39270767
Posted:November 14, 2021
26-inch Rim ~ Mavic EX823 thumbnail image
New Mavic EX823 Disc Rim for Sale. The size is 26x32H which is 559x23 ETRTO comparable. C/w aluminium threaded eyelets and UST valve. Below is info fr...
Ad Id:40162068
Posted:June 27, 2023
Rowing Machine - Healthware thumbnail image
The Healthware “Get Fit 3000II” Rowing Machine is built to let you engage in rowing exercises right in the comfort of your home. This rower has offers...
Ad Id:39754325
Posted:October 12, 2022
26-inch Rim ~ Sun “Single Track” thumbnail image
Sun “Single Track” 26-inch Rim for Sale. For disc brake only. The size is 26x31H which is 559x31 ETRTO comparable. Used, but in real good condition. B...
Ad Id:40165314
Posted:June 28, 2023
Lawn Edger & Trimmer ~ B&D thumbnail image
Vintage Black & Decker 8220 Deluxe Lawn Edger & Trimmer for Sale. Designed to trim lawn edges along driveways and footpaths as well as general landsca...
Ad Id:40247327
Posted:August 7, 2023
SlingLink ~ Turbo thumbnail image
One SlingLink Turbo (1-Port Ethernet Bridge SL 150) for sale. Want to connect your Slingbox but your TV is in a different room than your router? N...
Yellowhead County
Ad Id:22949499
Posted:September 9, 2014
Throwzini's Knife Block c/w 5 S.S. Knives thumbnail image
Throwzini's wood knife block c/w 5 stainless steel professional chef knives for sale. Received as a gift but never used. Below is info from the manufa...
Ad Id:40031120
Posted:April 15, 2023
Teddy Bear & Cat Print thumbnail image
Teddy Bear & cat. Measures 11" x 14" Teddy Bear & Cat print. Professionally Plaque mounted on medium density fiberboard with painted (not taped)...
Yellowhead County
Ad Id:5196772
Posted:March 14, 2008
Coleman 8-Quart Cooler thumbnail image
Coleman "Personal 8" Cooler for Sale. Model 5272 from the late 1980's. I guess Coleman no longer makes these anymore, and it's a shame as they are per...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:30300217
Posted:July 19, 2017
Vintage Ski Canada Gloves ~ New thumbnail image
Brand-new pair of Alpine Ski Canada gloves from the late 80's. These were standard issue for the Canadian alpine ski team back in the day. Constructe...
Yellowhead County
Ad Id:23637886
Posted:December 10, 2014
Towel Warmer ~ WarmRails thumbnail image
Warmrails Floor Mounted Towel Warmer Most North Americans had never heard of a heated towel warmer. In Europe, they're almost as common in people's...
Calgary Area
Ad Id:29395809
Posted:May 14, 2017
Subwoofer ~ Sony Xplōd 10-inch thumbnail image
10-inch Sony Xplōd XS-L103P5B subwoofer for sale. Used, but in good working condition. Below is info from the manufacture… The five-sided cone ...
Ad Id:38998019
Posted:June 20, 2021
Warren Kimble (Holstein Cow) thumbnail image
Lenox Limited Edition collector's plate titled "HOLSTEIN COW" from the Warren Kimble Barnyard Animals Collection. This plate is 8 in. in diameter, is ...
Yellowhead County
Ad Id:5188951
Posted:March 13, 2008
Double French Door Screens ~ Retractable thumbnail image
Phantom Retractable Screens for Sale. Let the fresh air in & keep the bugs out. Two screens are mounted to each side of the door frame; the dual scree...
Ad Id:40233835
Posted:July 31, 2023
Electric Cooler/Warmer ~ Wagan thumbnail image
Wagan 2260 6 Liter 12V Fridge/Warmer for Sale. Great way to keep food and drinks cool or warm while on the road. It only occupies a small space in you...
Ad Id:40250135
Posted:August 8, 2023
Bicycle Child Carrier ~ Bell thumbnail image
Bell Cocoon Rack Mounted Bicycle Child Carrier for Sale. Enjoy a fun time together outdoors with your little one using this Bell Cocoon rear child...
Ad Id:40194158
Posted:July 12, 2023
Modern Multi Colour Floor Lamp thumbnail image
Modern Multi Colour Floor Lamp for Sale. Crafted to capture the playful nature of youth, this contemporary design of the 6-Light multi head floor lamp...
Ad Id:40055232
Posted:April 30, 2023
Center Channel ~ Pioneer thumbnail image
Pioneer S-H052C-K two-way center channel speaker for sale. Nice sounding centre channel speaker for your multimedia system. Used, but in good conditio...
Ad Id:39595296
Posted:June 26, 2022
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