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$225 · In-ceiling Premium Loudspeakers ~ Enforcer G6

One pair of Enforcer G6 ceiling loudspeakers for sale. Premium Canadian made co-axial speakers. Purchased for a renovation, but never installed. Below is info from the manufacture... Enforcer G6 Loudspeaker is a completely self-contained, co-axial bass reflex speaker system. This high output package utilizes a unique and effective cooling system known as Air Gap Technology (AGT). The basket of this ceiling speaker is cast aluminum, which sets it above the typical, stamped metal basket commonly found in the housing of inferior speakers. A series of precision holes machined in the aluminum basket act as heat transfer points, actively pulling heat from the gap. This, coupled with the space between the cone and the spider, allows the speaker to maintain maximum performance even under extremely demanding conditions. All of the G-Series speakers utilize a built-in, 70-volt transformer that offers a variable tap selection switch and a transformer by-pass for 8-ohm operation. It is selectable by removing the front grill, facilitating changes in impedance during or post installation. The G6 is enclosed in an all-aluminum bezel assembly with a fully mounted, metal sealed back can, with no plastic or ABS parts. The enclosure has removable non-fiberglass damping material inside and white powder coat finish on the outside. Wiring terminations are enclosed in a rear compartment utilizing a smart connect plug, wire restraint, and removable cover plate creating a further seal of protection around the entire connector. When flush mounting, the entire installation can be done from below the ceiling grid. The split ring tile support can easily be pasted through the hole up and into place. The G6 speakers are then pushed up into the mounting hole and the four machine screws found under the grill are used to operate the four aluminum tie down dogs. This simple installation process is an additional feature of the G-series speakers. If a single hang point is preferred, there is optional support hardware package offered. The GS2 free hanging system suspends the speaker from a single point.

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September 10, 2019
October 23, 2021
January 21, 2022
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